Thursday, January 28, 2016

Squirrel Wars 4: Shake It Up, Baby

Those little stinkers.

One of the squirrels broke a feeder I had under a squirrel baffle by knocking it off the hook (from the ground). Bye-bye, seed. I bought a couple of nice Polywood bird feeders because of their mesh-bottom design, which helps air get into the seed, and moisture get out, thus avoiding seed mold. I figured I would never have to buy a feeder again, since these will also never crack or split.

Guess what?

I have five (count them, five) Gray Squirrels raiding my feeders. This is what's left of what seed I had in one of my feeders.

Those little so-and-sos just shake the feeders until the seed all falls onto the ground, and then eat it up. Sigh.

My next plan is to buy a pole that I can set in the middle of the yard, away from the little fiends' jumping-off points, on which I can mount the hopper feeder, thus foiling their ability to shake all the seed out of it. If anyone knows of a good way to squirrel-proof an entire yard, I'm listening.


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