Friday, August 07, 2015

The New!

Well, it's been quite the learning curve, but I'm thrilled to say I now have an brand-new, mobile-friendly website for viewing on all devices! I've been hand-coding my own website for a while now, and I know enough to be dangerous ... but responsive web design was something new for me, and at first it was rather frustrating to try to get it right. Now that I think I have the kinks worked out, you can see my new site in all its resizable glory:

Responsive websites are just that: they respond accordingly for optimal display, no matter what device you use to view them. Test it out by viewing my website on your desktop, tablet, or phone, and you'll find that it's comfortably readable at any size. You can even change your browser window's size or go from portrait to landscape orientation on your handheld, and the site will re-flow for the best view. It's really quite impressive how far web design has come in just the past few years. Who knows where it'll go next?

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