Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Excuse Me, But Your Attitude Is Showing

I notice as I get older that my personal mindset for the day has a lot to do with what sort of karma the world sends back to me. Even stranger is the fact that this mindset is a choice, not a foregone conclusion.

Let's face it: life is tough. It's hectic, and messy, and sometimes downright frustrating. But it is a choice to let that drag you down, and it can just as easily be a choice to take your lot with good humor.

I have a tendency to take myself and others too seriously. Sometimes another person's negativity sets me off on a bad tangent. But good cheer can be just as infectious, and it's certainly more fun when it is. I love when I meet someone who's so cheerful that it lifts my spirits just talking to them. And even if I have a rough day, that's the part I try to remember when it's all over. That determination not to let the world's tough breaks get to me is often the reason I keep getting out of bed in the morning. I gotta know what'll happen next.

Good karma finds people who are determined to find it. I made up my mind to have a full, productive day, in spite of how I felt when I rolled out of bed this morning. This afternoon, when I got home, I got an E-mail full of good karma. That put an awesome spin on my day. As they say ... Ooh-rah.

Chin up, fellow humans! Good karma is looking for you.

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  1. I needed this dose of reality today, Nicki. There is a certain person in my life who is always bringing me down and putting me in such a mood, I can't accomplish a thing. Unfortunately, I can't completely cut this person out of my life. However, I really like your take on this and I'm going to work harder on keeping my spirits up regardless of what Karma throws at me.