Monday, February 07, 2011

Squirrel Wars 2: Revenge of the Fuzzballs

OK, now that I have the birdseed situation ironed out and squirrel-proofed (the Squirrel-Proof Tube Feeder is working - see Squirrel Wars), I have to contend with what the lil' monsters are doing to my suet - as in, eating it in 3 days. At ten bucks a case, I am going to be eaten out of suet and home by the end of the winter. I had - sort of - outsmarted them by using these ingenious little screw-shut chain links, called Quick Links:

and though they try like heck, they haven't managed to open my suet cages. That doesn't stop them wolfing it down faster than a blue-ribbon champ at a pie eating contest. Help, gods of wildlife management, what's a girl to do?

Enter my hero, the unimposing but brilliant Squirrel-Proof Suet Cage:

Hooray! My sleek, wiry green hero, whatever did I do until you came along? This feeder works on the same principle as the tube feeder. Small birds can get through the baffle to dine on the suet, but Evil Grey Fuzzball cannot vanquish the wire to suck down the goods. (Note that I still have to screw it shut with its silvery sidekick, Quick Link.)

Both these nifty gadgets, and the tube feeder as well, are available at Tractor Supply. If you're a birder, it's well worth checking them out. Go, go! Defend your yard against the Squirrel Army of Doom!

All is well now in Greenwood House. I can't wait for spring, so I can sit out there with my coffee again and watch the birds visit - and actually get to eat something.

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  1. ...but...but.. the squirrels are kinda cute...just saying.. probably cause we don't have them in NZ..

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