Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Tree 2010

Every year, it seems, we do a different theme for our tree. This year, my son was able to help a little more, and he's also getting old enough to understand about Christmas. So it was lots of fun to come up with a theme he could appreciate: Candyland! We did a tree based on all those yummy treats found on a traditional gingerbread house, complete with garland that looks like frosting. Hubby and son put up the tree, then Hubby strung the lights, and while the little peanut napped, Hubby and I decorated the tree. When the peanut woke up, he was thrilled, and even more so when he got to help put the train underneath it and then play with the musical snowman sitting under it. So we now have the 2010 tree, the Candyland Tree:

Next year, we do a tree with the hubby's favorite pastime: fishing! Happy Holidays!

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