Saturday, June 06, 2009

New Toy (Sorta) and License Plates

I got my replacement Sony eReader in the mail last night. My other was broken, and I have sent it for repair (assuming it will cost less to fix than to buy new). How much did I miss this sucker? So I'm doing the happy dance this weekend!

Meanwhile, I am writing fast and furious in the next Elementals book, WATER. The characters are beginning to develop layers, and it's always fun to explore a new hero and heroine and find out what makes them tick. While I already have the synopsis written for all four books in the Elementals series, I don't learn every little thing about the characters until I have written (and revised, and revised, and revised) the stories.

Last week I saw my first Montana license plate. Funny, considering the hero from EARTH (and his siblings) are from Montana. A good luck sign? You decide....

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