Saturday, December 20, 2008

Now THAT'S Emotion!

Dude, I think I might be in love with Edward Norton.

Hubby and I watched "The Incredible Hulk" last night--the new version, with Norton as Bruce Banner, and though I'd heard it was good, I hadn't watched it yet. Now I'm sorry I waited so long.

If you want to see a good actor express emotion onscreen, you NEED to see this movie. I don't even care if you're not a comic book fan. You don't need to be to appreciate this movie. There are several moments in this movie where Edward simply yanks your heart out and squeezes, just by the look on his face. My personal favorite is the one where he hides behind the Dumpster. Watch the movie, you'll see. No romance writer will be able to resist him after that, even if Edward isn't your usual cup of tea.

I always liked him as an actor, but after this, he shot right up my personal chart. This is a guy who knows how to fill a performance with emotion. Go. Watch. Enjoy. Have some popcorn. And if you are a comics fan, check out the cool cameo with Stan Lee. :)

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