Sunday, November 30, 2008

Book Contract News - EARTH

Posting early this week, because I can't keep it in anymore. As I mentioned on my main homepage, my paranormal romance, EARTH, has been accepted for publication by The Wild Rose Press! I'm so thrilled, and I hope this will be the first of many book contracts (cross your fingers)!

EARTH is the first book in my Elemental series, and it takes place on a ranch in Montana. In spite of the setting and certain elements, this book is firmly planted in the realm of the paranormal. The hero, Kincade Murphy, is desperate to regain his lost Earth Elemental power before it's too late to save his failing ranch. When he goes against his better judgment and enlists the help of botanist Allyson Hamilton, he finds himself in a heady dance between desire for her, and the need to keep her from learning his paranormal secret. But neither of them counts on a discovered plot to force Kincade and his family off their beloved ranch, and suddenly they're thrust into danger. Now, Kincade must choose between protecting his secret or protecting Allyson, and the wrong decision could cost him everything.

Look for updates and news on this and my other books, and stay tuned for release information as it becomes available. I got what I wanted from Santa this year. Let's hope you get your holiday wish. Happy Holidays!

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