Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Hero's Journey #3

Creating a Hero - It Just Ain’t Enough

At some point on your hero’s journey--usually the turning point of your book--he’s going to realize that what he has now isn’t enough to satisfy him anymore. In romance, this means he becomes willing to forsake what went before, for the love of a good woman.

For instance, let’s say your hero is a hard-nosed guy who likes to party all night, and he believes that is enough to fill the social holes in his life. Then he meets Miss Right, and over the course of your novel he becomes more and more involved with her. Eventually, the dance club loses its shine, or the bar is too crowded, or he can’t stand his buddies at the Elks Lodge anymore.

This “not enough” point is what drives your hero to change, which sets things up nicely for your happy ending.

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