Sunday, March 18, 2007

OMG! She's Entered The New Millenium!

I'm so not a techie. I was still buying records on vinyl in the 90's. There was no way I was buying a DVD player at the prices they were when they first came out. My computer is cobbled together with the bare minimum of gadgetry, and heck, I don't even like video games. I'm the female equivalent of Gibbs on "NCIS."

But, I am bemused to say, I have finally caved and gotten a cell phone. Oh, not for me. The DH talked me into a prepaid cell phone so I can pick up and say, "Hello, dear, I'm in a ditch - come get me." (I'm not noted for my love of driving, period, and winter driving is so much less fun.) It's more so I'm not stranded roadside with my son in the car. It's not even one of the cool camera flip-phone ones with interesting ring tones. Although, I admit, I now wish it were. I heard someone's cell phone go off with "The Godfather" theme the other day. I'm gonna make you an offer you can't refuse: don't call me.

But it does what it's supposed to, and I've even used it a couple of times. Not, thank God, for car accidents. I'll probably still have minutes on it when my car disintegrates into dust.

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