Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Hey, Thanks!

I recently finaled in a contest, and this week I received my first-round scores back. This is a good time to remind new authors of the importance of "Thank You" notes. Not only is it nice to send a thank you note to judges, agents or editors who have taken the time to review your work (even if they don't snap up your opus on first sight!), but those folks are more likely to recall an author who remembers those little niceties the next time around.

Keep a stack of them on hand. They're pretty cheap if you get the big packs, and it only takes a little time out of your day to practice the kindness it takes to write one. Savvy?

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations,Nicki!
    Thank You for (knowigly)reminding new authors and (unknowingly) reminding me the importance of "Thank You" notes.
    I hope you make it real big in the wonderful world of words(and then,send me an autographed copy of your work).Good luck!